Tough hills, little traffic, varied landscapes, lakes and rivers - beautiful views make Ydre a idealistic place for bicycle enthusiasts.


Line rider - Easy going

8 rounds with totaly 588 km, alternating the length and severity.

Hilly - little traffic.


MTB - Mountain Bike

In Ydre are 1000 kilometers winding dirt road,through a beautiful and varied landscape.

The hilly terrain is ideal for both MTB riders, exercise and training.


Cycle guides

We can offer bike guides, do not hesitate to accommodation facilities

for information.

Perfect training for triathlon

Landscape with plenty of lakes with swimming areas,

forest paths for running and asphalt for roads

cycling training.


8 Rounds, totally 588 km, varying length and difficulty. Hilly - little traffic

Round the lake Sommen and more.


Detailed maps with contour lines for each round can be found here.


The Norra Vi traject, ..   Km klick here


1. The little Asby trail, 33 km


2. Between the Lakes, 69 km


3. Piece of cake, 35 km


4. Wood Trail, 81 km


5. A double Asby, 68 km.


6. Little Sommen Trail, 73 km


7. Ydre Round (asphalt road), 111 km


8. Sommen Round, 100 km